Animation Blending(UE4)

This is a project I worked on over a 6 week period with a programmer Nick Barber. The challenge was making an Online FPS with the supplied paragon assets that EPIC Games has released and also creating a Linux AWS Server to collaborate on. My challenge was taking these characters that were built for 3rd person and making them usable for an FPS style game. That meant that a lot of work had to go into recreating the skeleton for the Paragon character(Twinblast), retargeting animations to use on the character, creating systems that would replace animation offsets and recoil animations for the arms.

Nicholas chmil u4

Upper body anim graph that is being blended into the upperbody.

Nicholas chmil u6

We did not have aim offsets for various weapons so I transformed the bones in the spine and arms to allow me to create my own aim offset.

Nicholas chmil u2
Nicholas chmil u1

This is a demo video of the final product that we had intended to show off working in an online state. The main focus were the weapon and character animations and the programmer focused on inventory and replication.

Nicholas chmil perforceimg

Perforce server that I setup with an AWS Server and Linux.

Nicholas chmil u3

Lower body anim graph that is being blended into the upperbody.