My class wanted me to create something completely different for the Roussillon Project. I was given 5 days to model, texture and layout this scene. Due to the short time frame I was very limited but I am happy with the final result. The decal system in UE4 really helped me out with getting this project done and put together. I was struggling with the lighting and composition. I would like to know what you all think of the composition of the scene or any other critiques that you have!

Nicholas chmil finalalalalalal74

Final shot in UE4.

Nicholas chmil fin0001

Progress shot 001.

Nicholas chmil fin0002

Progress shot 002.

Nicholas chmil nick paintover

Progress shot 003.

Nicholas chmil fin0003

Progress shot 004.

Nicholas chmil screenshot001

Marmoset boat screenshot.

Nicholas chmil screenshot003

Marmoset railing screenshot.

Nicholas chmil couch

Marmoset couch screenshot.

Nicholas chmil trashcan

Marmoset trashcan screenshot.